Right from the time, when the Group National Steel Company began its operations in Cochin, in 2003, it had created a comfortable niche for itself while providing a one-stop solution for all steel requirements.

Established in 2003 Group National Steel Company has emerged as one stop solution provider for all steel components requirements. The Company has been at the forefront of the industry by offering the most extensive range of steel building components and steel pre-engineered building system.

Always ready to outline the specification and recommend optimal solutions for steel building components requirements, National Steel Company welcome technical inquiries from prospective buyers.

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TMT Benefits

The use of high strength TMT results in 10-20% saving in steel consumption.
In developed countries, rebars with minimum yield strength of 500 N/mm2 (as against 415 N/mm2 in CTD bars) with high elongation values are specified for RCC work.

TMT rebars meet the requirement of even developed countries.

TMT rebars are stronger, more bendable and have higher thermal stability because of unique technology used.

TMT rebars ensure greater safety due to high elongation of 16-25%.

TMT rebars are the ideal choice even for Seismic zones 3, 4 & 5.

Globalisation has brought in awareness in India about the deficiencies of CTD bars (and superiorities of TMT bars) as the demand for proper Quenched & Self Tempered TMT rebars is increasing even in India.

The German Cooling Technology, as it is the globally preferred choice. We are among very few companies who are successful in producing right TMT rebars with proper specifications. The consumers of TMT rebars must ensure that they are using Graded TMT rebars. This is essential as many rolling mills is India are merely spraying water on the bars in an unscientific way and selling them as TMT rebars. Their strength is even less then CTD bars. The process is simple and effective. It is Worker Friendly due to its unique process and proprietory hardware. Buland TMT rebars are preffered choice of civil and structural designers worldwide.


Corrosion Resistance Properties
Controlled water-cooling prevents the formation of carbides which has been cited as the main cause for the corrosive nature of common bars. Another reason for better corrosion resistance properties is the absence of surface torsional stresses caused by the cold twisting (Torsteel) process.

TMT rebars with carbon content less than 0.25% can be used for butt and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the welded joint.

Bend Properties
TMT rebars have excellent bend properties due to the unique ductility (elongation values) obtained.

Fire Resistance
Unlike Torsteel and CTD rebars, TMT bars have high thermal stability. They are the preferred choice when elevated temperature of 400-6000C may be encountered.

Earthquake Resistance
TMT rebars with typical elongation of 16-25%, (well above the minimum 14.5% Specified in IS 1786), are suitable for use even in earthquake zones 3, 4 & 5.

Cost Effective
Use of tmt rebars results in savings of 10-20% compared to CTD bars for same work.

Strain Ageing
Due to unique manufacturing process and chemical composition, TMT rebars show no tendency of embrittlement either during welding or cold deformation of welded joints.


Due to very high elongation values and consistent properties throughout the length of bar, TMT rebars have excellent workability and bendability.